12V-24V 150W-320W DC Worm Gear Reduction Motor on Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck with Encoder 500PPR

We are a single OEM Manufacturer for a variety of  worm-gear motors, NMRV worm gear motor, clay goal trap machine motor,worm gear reducer motor, dump truck tarp motor, dump truck gear motor, sharpening concrete ground motor,  pedestrian pallet truck motor and so on
The specialized parameters can be option in accordance to your requirements:
1. Motor kind: Everlasting magnet DC
two. Rated speed: 1500rpm-5000rpm
three. Defense: IP44, IP55, IP66
4. Voltage: 12V, 24V
five.Gear Ratio: thirty:one, fifty:1, sixty:1, seventy five:one
six.Output velocity: 35rpm-45rpm, 40rpm-45rpm, 70-80rpm, 100rpm-120rpm, 160rpm-180rpm
seven. Output electrical power: 320W, 380W, 500W, 750W, 1000W
eight. Gearbox: worm and wheel
9. Insulation: Course F
10. Efficiency: 65%

Our Main variety of DC motors and gearboxes are particularly developed to be interchangeable and flexible, this will help us keep reduced inventory stages while attaining the customization required for so a lot of purposes. The main supply has also enabled us to offer you excellent pricing amounts for minimal portions, often prototypes are extremely expensive owing to absence of economies of scale we have tried to help with this as much as feasible. HangCZPT CZPT can offer bespoke units for larger portions and offer a Provide Chain services the place we operate intently with our clients to recognize the ideal supply routine in accordance with OEM production levels. If you are seeking for DC motors and gearboxes you have appear to the appropriate area, our skilled complex income employees will advocate the ideal feasible choice for equally your software and your pocket. Get in touch with us now to examine your software.

CZPT Motor Relevant Companies Include:
•We can provide DC motors, electrical transaxle and motor gearbox combos up to 3000W and 250nm for small and large orders.
•We develop bespoke deisgns for orders in excess of one thousand units.
•We produce & offer on time (In accordance to rigid OEM creation Schedules)
•We generate motors to your technical specs
•Our units undergo rigorous functionality and software testing before dispatch
•We assist clients with the design of purposes
•We hold various motor spares

Design Voltage Electricity recent torque output pace Reduction ratio
300W-LST90-Q 12V/24V 300W 40A, 20A 22.5N.m 50rpm,100rpm i=fifty:one, thirty:1
300W-LST90-08 12V/24V 245W 50A 22.5N.m-60N.m 75rpm i=fifty:1, 25:1
12V/24V 300W   70 N.m 40rpm i=fifty:1, twenty five:1
240W-LST80-Y 12V/24V 240W 25A 22N.m-40N.m 90rpm i=fifty:1, twenty five:one
130W-LST73-AS 48V 130W 4A 7 N.m 88 rpm i=50:1
  130W 4A 11 N.m 55 rpm i=forty:one
320W-LST73-08 12V/24V 320W 45A 36N.m,30N.M 42rpm,62rpm i=50:one, twenty five:1
LST63 12V 20W 5A two.3N.m 83rpm i=seven,i=ten,i=fifteen, i=36
12V 43W 11A four.3N.m 94rpm i=7,i=10,i=fifteen, i=36
24V 20W 2.5A two.3N.m 83rpm i=7,i=ten,i=15, i=36
24V 43W 5.5A 4.3N.m 94rpm i=seven,i=ten,i=15, i=36
20V 50W 5A two.4N.m 200rpm i=seven,i=ten,i=15, i=36
60V 50W 2.5A two.4N.m 200rpm i=seven,i=10,i=15, i=36
LST90-13 12V/24V 300W   36N.m 36rpm-41rpm i=134:1
Wheelchair motor 24V 200W-260W 24.5A 24N.m 120rpm i=32:one
350W-LST80-W 12V/24V 240W-350W 30A 30N.m-45N.m 43rpm,70rpm i=sixty:1

Why You Need to Use CZPT For Your Motor Requirments?
•Extensive Selection
•Manufactured to Spec
•Able to manage any measurement order big or tiny
•High Manufacturing unit Capacity
•Quantity Discount rates

HangCZPT CZPT TRADE CO., LTD is responsible for exporting the over products, and we also import some crucial items from oversea marketplaces.
Our organization has got the appropriate of import and export from the Federal government section.
It is essential to get your certain prerequisite when getting in touch with us, for illustration of motor, voltage, power, speed, output torque, connecting variety and size of shaft, outside structure drawing or related images and many others. And then we will give the accurate provides.
Consequently, hope to get your feedback soon.

12V-24V 150W-320W DC Worm Gear Reduction Motor on Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck with Encoder 500PPR