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Product introduction

Helical worm gear motor

Helical worm gear motor S series gear reducer reduction gearbox is one kind of Helical worm gearbox ,designed as Modularization and high-stainless cast iron case . It is combination of helical gear and worm gear ,which with higher efficiency and strength than simple aluminum worm gearbox . Due to their outstanding efficiency, these drives can be used in every industrial sector and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements. The gear ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stage and the low noise levels during operation make these gearmotors ideal low-cost solutions for simple applications


High speed ratio and high efficiency of single stage transmission, can achieve 1:87 reduction ratio, the efficiency of more than 90%, if the use of multi-stage transmission, reduction ratio is larger.
Compact structure and small volume due to the adoption of planetary transmission principle, the input shaft output shaft in the same axis line, so that its model to obtain the smallest possible size.
Smooth running noise low cycloidal needle teeth meshing teeth number, overlap coefficient is large and has the mechanism of parts balance, vibration and noise limit in the minimum degree. 

Application area

Cycloid gear reducer uses cycloid tooth meshing, planetary transmission principle, so it is usually called planetary cycloid reducer.
Planetary cycloid pin-wheel reducer can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and other industries, as a driving or decelerating device, the machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, biaxial and direct assembly mode.


Cyclo Drive Gear Box

Cyclo Drive Gear Box delivers the features today’s industry needs. High reduction ratios, without sacrificing efficiency. Compact designs, without requiring special motors. Exceptional shock load capacity, without having to oversize. The gearbox is deisgn with greater overhung load capacities, without using expensive special components. A precision backlash option, without resorting to special gearing. All of this, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Cycloid Reducer

cycloid reducer big reduction ratio, high efficiency: a reduction gear ratio is 9~87, the two-stage reduction gear ratio is 121 ~ 5133, multistage combination can reach tens of thousands, and the needle tooth meshing line type rolling friction, the meshing surface no relative sliding, so a reduction efficiency of wheel reducer smooth running, low noise: the teeth contact at the same time when in operation, the coincidence degree high, stable running, strong overload capacity, low vibration and noise.

Cycloid Reducer Feature

the use of reliable, long life: because the main part is made of high carbon alloy steel quenching (HRC58-62), and then grinding, and cycloid gear and pin gear set mesh transfer to the pin gear form rolling friction pair, friction coefficient is small, so that the meshing zone no relative sliding, wear small, so durable.
compact structure, small volume: compared with other reducer with the power of the above weight, small volume 1/3, as is the planetary transmission.

Main Products

cyclo motors

*High Speed Ratio and High Efficiency *Compact structure and small volume
*Smooth operation and low noise
*Reliable use and long service life
*High Efficiency
*Large Radial Loading Ability.

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