Yr Series Heavy-Duty High-Voltage Slip Ring Motor

YR series heavy-duty large-voltage slip ring motor (open up type) is a steel plate welding equipment base, horizontal construction huge-winding 3-section asynchronous motor. The modified product has the rewards of high efficiency, sturdy overload functionality, reduced sound, tiny vibration, trustworthy structure and beautiful appearance, and is suitable for supporting imported equipment.
YR sequence heavy obligation higher voltage slip ring motors (open type) are made in accordance with IEC standards. This collection of motors is an upgraded item of JR series large-scale wound rotor motor. It utilizes superior creation technologies and has been very carefully designed to make the major efficiency indexes of this series of motors excellent. YR series huge slip ring motor can be utilized as the key mover of rolling mill, hoist, water pump, compressor, ball mill and other mechanical gear. It is ideal for spots with little ability or big starting torque to improve commencing efficiency.
YR collection large obligation high voltage slip ring motor (open sort) adopts Course F insulation grade. The rotor coil is produced of copper strips wrapped with Course F insulation substance, and the welding in between the coils and in between the coil and the conductive row is created of silver brazing to guarantee the trustworthiness of the motor operation.
YR series huge higher voltage slip ring motor (open kind) is usually created of single shaft extension, which can be produced into double shaft extension in accordance to consumer demands. The direction of motor rotation can be arbitrarily chosen, but it can’t be reciprocated or reversely braked.

Stator main outer diameter assortment: 1180-2150mm
Power selection: 400KW-5000KW
Variety of poles: 6/eight/ten/12
Voltage: 6KV/six.6KV/10KV/11KV
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Security level: IP00/IP21
Cooling strategy: IC01
Insulation course: F
Doing work program: S1
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The application temperature of the motor is not much more than 1000m the ambient temperature is not reduce than 40°C, there is significantly less dust, no indoor surroundings this sort of as steam, acid, alkali and other corrosive and explosive gases the allowable voltage deviation range is ±5%.

YR collection heavy-responsibility large-voltage slip ring motor has large starting up torque and strong overload functionality. It has the rewards of higher performance, minimal sounds, modest vibration, trustworthy structure and beautiful look.

1. The outer packaging of the items are all normal export-oriented picket plywood packaging.
two, the product packaging is secured by dampness, h2o plastic delicate packaging
three. For items with unique transportation requirements (this kind of as temperature, fragile, variability, and effortless to get soaked), the packaging protection steps will be strengthened, and the goal mark will be printed on the bundle.
four. There are evident symptoms and symbols on the packing box that need to be compensated interest to for the duration of transportation and storage (such as position, humidity, rain, shockproof, lifting placement, and so forth.).

Our firm’s motor manufacturing manufacturing unit adheres to the principle of green, efficient and vitality-conserving production provider, pays interest to the harmonious improvement of interior and exterior surroundings, builds environmentally pleasant motor manufacturing enterprises, strictly implements motor regular method, and selects substantial-quality strength-conserving materials to make certain the quality of motor items.

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two. Seem merchandise top quality management and certification system
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four. The motor has best process and robust mechanical processing ability
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Yr Series Heavy-Duty High-Voltage Slip Ring Motor