Waste Oil Distillation to Base Oil Recycling Plant

Black Motor Oil Recycling Equipment Yield CZPT Pure Foundation Oil

BOD series waste oil regeneration machine is specific for dealing with a assortment of waste oil&comma including squander engine oil&comma auto oil&comma ship oil&comma motor oil&comma equipment oil&comma industrial lubricant oil&comma mixed and black oil and so on&interval
This equipment adopts vacuum distillation technology&comma it could not only remove impurities&comma water&comma organic and inorganic acid from waste black oil&comma but also can get rid of carbon particulate issue&comma peroxides&comma biHangCZPT&comma colloid and other sludge thorough&interval
Right after dealt with by the equipment&comma the shade of handled oil is recovered to yellow and all high quality indexes are improved&time period New oil could be stored for a lot of years CZPT alter its coloration and overall performance&period
BOD Series machine is composed of adhering to programs&colon
A&periodPre-treatment Technique&colon pre-take care of the waste oil&comma remove particles and h2o content material&time period
B&periodCatalyst method&colon Catalyst Reactor&comma blender&semi
C&periodDistilling technique&colon distilling tower&comma distilling kettle&comma heater unit&comma circle pump&semi
D&periodCooling technique&colon refrigerating equipment&comma water pump&comma h2o tank&comma cooler&comma Condenser&semi
E&periodDegasification method&colon  Depends on real require&period of time
F&periodVacuum Program&colon  depends on actual want&period of time
G&periodTransit oil storage system&colon  distilling oil storage tank
H&periodControlling technique&colon all varieties of gauge &lparvacuum gauge&comma stress gauge and so forth&period of time&rpar&comma temperature managing     technique and     electrical controlling program&time period
L&periodExhaust gasoline processing method
J&periodFiltering Technique&colon  connect our TYA sequence or JL Sequence to eliminate a lot more impurities from the oil&comma make the oil cleanse&time period
More parameter of thoroughly clean oil&colon

Merchandise Light-weight base oil Medium&solheavy base oil
Viscosity index &geq99 110
Appearance Transparency Transparency
Shade index ≤1 ASTMD1500 ≤2 ASTMD1500
Drinking water articles ≤0&period05&percntWW ≤0&period05&percntWW
Pour point -15ºC -10ºC

Advantages of our oil purifier&colon
A&periodBrand long heritage producer&comma high high quality ensure&period of time
B&periodSafe&comma Anti-explosion design and style&time period
C&periodAutomatic&comma only 1~two staff existence is enough&time period
D&periodEnvironmental welcoming&comma the chemical for this machine do no hurt to oil and environment&period
E&periodHigh restoration&comma no squander of strength&period

Our Catalogue&colon
1–Waste Oil Distillation Plant
These kinds of as employed engine&sol motor&sol lubricant Oil
two–Insulating Oil Purifier
These kinds of as Transformer Oil&comma Mutual Inductor Oil&comma Switch Oil
three–Turbine Oil Filtration Device
4–Lubricating&solCZPT Oil Treatment Equipment
This sort of as CZPT Oil&comma Fridge Oil and so forth
5–Fire-resistant Oil Filtration Purifier
6–Light Diesel Oil Purification Equipment
seven–Foods Grade Oil Filtration Device
Stainless Steel Material Device
eight–Small Cheap Oil Filter Machine
nine–LY Plate Force Oil Filtration Purifier
10–Insulating Oil Tester

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Waste Oil Distillation to Base Oil Recycling Plant