Three Phase Chinese Speed Controller Frequency Converter Fan Motor Naming and nameplate identification
two.1.1 Naming rule
JAC300 220KW


Identification Voltage amount
four 3-phase 380V
S2 Single-phase 220V


Identification Adaptive motor type
G CZPT sort


Identification .four .75 400
Adaptive motor(KW) .4 .75 400

2.2 Introduction of numerous components of the converter
The structure types of JAC580N sequence converter are the plastic and steel. The exterior diagram is revealed underneath.

2.3 Basic specialized specification 
Desk two-1 CZPT specification of 580N sequence frequency converter

Item Specification
CZPT capabilities Greatest frequency Vector manage: ~500Hz V/F management: ~500Hz
Provider frequency .8kHz~12kHz
The provider frequency is automatically adjusted primarily based on the load attributes.
Input frequency
Digital setting: .01Hz
Analog location: greatest frequency x .571%
Control manner • Open up-loop vector control (SVC)
• Shut-loop vector handle (FVC)
• Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control
CZPTting torque • G type: .five Hz/a hundred and fifty% (SVC) Hz/180% (FVC)
• P kind: .5 Hz/100%

Simple features

Pace range one:100  (SVC) 1:a thousand  (FVC)
Continuous-pace precision ± .5%  (SVC) ± .02%  (FVC)
Overload capability • G variety:60s for one hundred fifty% of the rated existing
• P variety: 60s for 120% of the rated present.
Torque increase • Fastened increase
• CZPTized enhance .1%-thirty.%
V/F curve • Straight-line V/F curve
• Multi-level V/F curve
•N-electrical power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-electrical power, 1.6-power, ,one.8-electricity, square)
V/F separation Two types: comprehensive separation half separation
Acceleration /deceleration curve • Straight-line ramp
• S-curve ramp
Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the
selection of .-6500.0s
DC braking DC braking frequency: .00Hz~greatest frequency
Braking time: .0s~36.0s
Braking motion current benefit: .%-100.%
JOG handle JOG frequency range: .00-50.00 Hz
JOG acceleration/deceleration time: .-6500.0s
Operation Command supply Operation panel, management terminal and serial conversation port are provided
Swap in different strategies
Frequency source Different frequency resources: electronic reference, analog voltage reference, analog present reference, pulse reference and serial port reference. The switching can be performed in a variety of techniques
Auxiliary frequency resource ten varieties of auxiliary frequency supply. The auxiliary frequency jog and frequency synthesis can be attained flexibly
Input terminal CZPTs:
7 digital input terminals, amid which one assist highest high-velocity pulse input of 100kHz
2 analog input terminals, amongst which 1 only supports voltage input of ~10V and the other supports voltage enter of ~10V or existing enter of 4 ~20mA
Expansion functionality:
3 digital enter terminals
1 analog enter terminal, which supports voltage enter of -10V ~10V and supports PT100/PT1000
Output terminal CZPTs:
1 higher-speed pulse output terminal (The open collector variety is optional), supporting ~100kHz square sign output
1 electronic output terminal
1 relay output terminal
one analog output terminal, supporting recent output of ~20mA or voltage output of ~10V
Enlargement capability:
1 electronic output terminal
one relay output terminal
1 analog output terminal, supporting current output of ~20mA or voltage output of ~10V
Exhibit and keyboard procedure LED display Exhibit the parameter
Essential lock and perform selection Comprehend partial or all essential lock and define the motion assortment of some keys to prevent misoperation
Safety purpose Quick circuit take a look at of electrified motor, input/output default period safety, overcurrent security, overvoltage defense, undervoltage security, overheat defense, overload defense, and so forth.


Three Phase Chinese Speed Controller Frequency Converter Fan Motor