T-Slotted Cast Iron Base Plates

Our T-slotted cast iron flooring plates have been equipped for a long time to abroad customers in the Usa, CZPTpe, the Middle East, South Asia and many others.. Their high high quality is certain and rates are constantly underneath your financial budgets. Meanwhile, we can ship these T-slotted forged iron ground plates with basic-purposed containers, open-leading containers or flat racks to supply them to any seaport in the globe.

CZPTly, our T-slotted cast iron / metal floor plates are utilized as rigid and precision bases in engineering industries for benchmarking, layout, precision measurement, assembly operate, mounting jobs for equipments assembly, refurbishements etc. Also these Tslotted forged iron plates can be used as bed plates for uninteresting mills, gantry milling/drilling machines and so forth. They are also employed as examination beds to help engines, motors, compressors, pumps, valves, big devices, transmission gearboxes or other big industrial equipment.

Upon your needs, we will existing drawings indiciating the thorough patterns as our complex proposals for your evaluations.  These T-slotted forged iron / metal ground plates are usually CZPT to normally any sizes conforming to the constraints of the site obtaining the plates in your workshops.

Functions of our T-slotted floor plates:

1. Content is high-strength, large-density and shut grained grey forged iron CZPT at Quality of GG-20, GG-25 or GG-thirty for our T-slotted cast iron flooring plates. Other resources such as nodular forged iron or solid steel can also be employed if ask for

2. The ribbed & cored framework of T-slotted solid iron floor plates provides the top quality rigidity and toughness. The reliable structure can also be presented as per your ask for. Relying your specifications of bodyweight loading capability and limitation of place for set up of the T-slotted solid iron floor plates, we will suggest types of plates in either solid construction or ribbed composition

three. Hardness is normally for GG-twenty five grey cast iron in the selection of HB170-240. In scenario greater hardness is requested on the T-slotted floor plates, we will use other supplies this sort of as casting steel or nodular solid iron. The area flatness precision is CZPT as being Quality I, II or III as for every DIN 876 Standarad which is precise sufficient for both high precision applications this sort of as mattress plate for a CNC boring mill or standard-purposed programs this kind of as foundation for equipments assembly/disassembly . The increased flatness accuracy can be obtained by hand scrapping on your request. Surface roughness is generally Ra three.2 μm acquired with the CNC substantial-speed milling approach. Reduced roughness this sort of as Ra 1.6 μm can also be reached by grinding method on your ask for

4. The width tolerance of T-slots on the plates is H12 and could also be H7 or H8 on request on our T-slotted solid iron floor plates. Normally T-slots parallel to the longitudinal course are presented, but also T-slots tilting to the longitudinal route can be supplied on request

5. Cored and ribbed building for the T-slotted forged iron ground plates, twice annealing heat treatment options at a temperature in the range of 600-700° C (the 1st annealing is carried out right following casting, the 2nd annealing is completed appropriate after the tough machining on the plate) and the following ageing therapy are adopted on the plate to minimize the anxiety, guarantee substantial stability and maintain its precision totally free from distortion in the lengthy-phrase operations

six. Connecting grooves on all sides of the T-slotted cast iron ground plates can be provided on ask for to joint collectively the pieces of plates into a big plate location

seven. Leveling and anchoring pads, or leveling studs and metal plates are provided with the plates as components for installations. Vibration absorbing spring mounts can alsot be provided on ask for

eight. Dimension of every piece of ground plates is CZPT in a range from 1000×1000 mm to 10000×4000 mm. Other dimensions can be made on requests.

T-Slotted Cast Iron Base Plates