Single Three Phase 220V 380V 690V 0.7kw~560kw AC Motor Drive

1. SY-8000G 380V three stage motor controller — Consistent torque sort

2. Features:
Different handle modes and extensively utilized
Immediately recognize the motor parameters
RS-485 communication inferface, expectations, MODBUS protocol
PWM flexible vitality braking, can speedily halt machine
The torque output will be one hundred fifty% when the frequency is .5Hz.
More powerful when at reduced charge, Much more stable when at high price.
Zero velocity torque output
Super-silent working
Rapid menu design
Easy PLC, PID adjustment
Compact and legerity construction
Mate the customer style
Vacation suppression & Steady operating
High balance, strong anti-interference capacity
25 protection capabilities…

three. Features of VFD
Twin-DSP + MCU + IPM large overall performance, high trustworthiness
Automatic identification of motor parameters, automatic temperature compansation
CZPTt by excitation, velocity up the rapid reaction to vector handle
Velocity handle and torque handle switching on-line
Zero-servo lock purpose
The frequency of provider wave can be up to 16k, carry out a complete silent working
CZPT created-in RS485 port, matching TDS-PA01 adapter to help the fieldbus.
Developed-in PG card, created-in brake unit belows 22KW Lcd/LED optional keyboard.
Support for uploading and downloading parameters…

4. Widely employed in:
Metallurgy, Chemical,Petroleum,Textile,CZPT electrical power,Creating resources,Coal,CZPTs
Printing and Dyeing,Cable,Washing,Water supply,Heating…

Product description
Rated voltage, frequency Single section, 220V, 50Hz/60Hz 3 section, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Permitted fluctuation Continuous voltage fluctuation: within± ten%, quick voltage fluctuation: within -fifteen%ten% voltage imbalance: < 3% frequency fluctuation: within 5%.
output Voltage One phase, 220V & three stage, 380V
Output frequency ~600Hz.
Overload ability 150% rated existing, one minutes a hundred and eighty% rated existing, 1 seconds
management trait Command enter mode By Lcd keypad, by terminals, by Laptop through serial conversation port.
Manage mode Open up loop vector management, V/F manage.
Pace environment strategy By keypad, by analog, by Pc through serial communication port
Pace location precision Electronic command± .01%(-10 +forty)
analog command± .1%(25° C± ten)
Pace location resolution Digital command: .01Hz analog command: .one% of greatest frequency
Pace management accuracy Open up loop vector handle: ± .five% (25° C± ten)
Velocity regulation assortment Open loop vector manage: 1: one hundred
Torque handle reaction Open up loop vector handle: < 200ms.
CZPTt torque Open up loop vector manage: one hundred fifty% of rated torque at .5Hz.
Torque control accuracy ± five%
  Established reference voltage provide output one port, +10V, 5mA
Manage voltage supply output 24V, 100mA
Analogy input 2 terninal, No. four terminal is use for voltage, No. 5 is utilized for voltage and current input
Analog meter output 1 terminal, /4~20mA or ~10V CZPT for it
DO frequency signal output 1 port, substantial-frequency sign output(programmable)
Collector open-loop output 1 terminal
Programmable relay output contactor ability: 250V AC/3A or 30V DC/1A
Serial interaction port RS-485 connector RS485+, RS485-
4 bits LED screen setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current, motor pace, output torque, switch price terminal, programming menu parameters and fault code.
Five sign lamp Parameter device, Run/Quit standing, particular position, charging status.
Security purpose Security operate In excess of voltage, beneath voltage, recent limitation, above recent, overload of inverter, overload of motor, overheat, overvoltage stallout, load quick circuit, phase fault.
  Defense degree IP21
Cooling manner Pressured air cooling
envirenment Ambient termearture -10° C, +40° C
Termperature 2090% RH(no condensation)
Storage termperature -20° C, + 60° C
Software spot indoor(no corrosive odor, dust)
Set up region Altitude is not more than 1000meter, no dust, no corrosive oder, no direct sunlight.
Vibration much less than5.9m/ S two

Single Three Phase 220V 380V 690V 0.7kw~560kw AC Motor Drive