Optical Fiber Cable Secondary Coating Production Line

one&period of time Application of the line
The line is used to extrude free tube in which 2-12 optical fibers are contained&interval The extruding materials can be PBT&commaPE&interval

two&period  Simple Line Configuration
2&period1 twelve optical fiber payoff                                                                              
2&period2 Gel filling system and bubble remover unit                                        
2&period3 Extruder SJ50×30 and head                                                                    
&lparWith Loader and hopper compound dryer&rpar
two&period4 Color CZPT batch Compounder                                                            
two&period5 four&plus4M Sizzling h2o trough                                                                             
two&period6 Very hot water tank                                                                                          
2&period7 E&periodF&periodL capstan 800mm                                                                               
2&period8 12 M cooling trough                                                        
2&period9 Cooling h2o tank &lparwith refrigerating gadget&rpar                                       
two&period10 Blow dryer unit                                                                                    
2&period11 Diameter handle program                                                                          
two&period12800 Capstan &lparwith pressure management gadget&rpar                                         
two&period13Accumulator type rigidity controller                            
two&period14 Entire-computerized double spooler                                                   
2&period15 CZPTal manage system              

3&interval Line specification
three&period1 Optical fiber pay out-off &lparwith launch static technique&rpar   
3&period2 Gel filling and bubble remover system
The system is comparable with Nextrom’s machine
The 1st-degree gear pump draws gel to sealed can of bubble remover system&period The jelly is drawed into sealed through numerous small pinholes&comma to split the bubble&time period And vacuum unit draw bubble out of sealed&period of time
The second equipment pump pushed by a AC servo motor attracts gel to filling can from sealed can of bubble remover system&time period
three&period3  Extruder SJ50×30 and one cross head
3&period4 Color CZPT batch Compounder
3&period5 four&plus4M very hot trough
3&period6 Continual temperature water tank
3&period7 One wheel E&periodF&periodL capstan
3&period8  8m cooling trough
3&period9 Cooling water tank &lparwith refrigerating device&rpar
three&period10 Blow dryer gadget
Adopting Fifty percent structure&period of time easily operate &period Particular made for loose tube&time period with noise rejection gadget &periodwith a bracket which stay away from free tube shaking&period of time compressed air blew-dry&interval 4 blew-dryer
three&period11 Diameter manage technique
3&period12 800 Capstan &lparwith stress management system&rpar
three&period13 Accumulator variety tension controller
3&period14 Entire-automated double spooler&lparwith a single established of Anti static unit &rpar
The get-up is copied to Nestrom&time period
3&period15 CZPTal management technique

four&periodMain complex info

Optical fiber quantity 12
Shell out-off tension &lpar0&period4-one&period2N&rpar&pm0&period05N
Optical fiber reel size 266mm×176mm
Line framework speed Line construction speed
Procedure velocity 350m&solmin &lparloose tube diameter&colon1&period8mm &rpar
220m&solmin&lparloose tube diameter&colon2&period4mm&rpar
Extruded tube dia &lpar1&period0—6&period0&rparmm&pm0&period05
Extruded material PBT
Sizzling h2o temperature 70ºC&pm2ºC
Take up reel measurement PN800mm
Just take-up rigidity two&period5—6&period5N

Optical Fiber Cable Secondary Coating Production Line