Motorcycle Motor Armature Winding Machine Coil Winder

Motorbike Motor Armature Winding Equipment Coil Winder

This winding machine is suitable for substantial-speed winding of medium and big wire diameter armature with hook-sort commutator. The winding approach is completed by two flyers. It can be related with a creation line to realize online automatic manufacturing. It can preserve up to 99 sets armature parameter.

(1) Specification

Wire assortment .15~1.26mm
Armature OD twenty~90mm
Stack top 10~130mm
Commutator OD eight~50mm
Movement Jog/vehicle
Slot No. Odd/Even
Flip No. ~9999
Flyer speed ~2000rpm
Electricity source AC 220V  50/60HZ
Air resource 5~7kg/cm3
Electricity 3.5KW
Bodyweight 830KG
Dimension 1450x1050x1650mm

(2) Software
This equipment is broadly used in the winding of DC and series enthusiastic motor rotors.

(three)Machine configuration
Mitsubishi PLC
Delta servo control system
Contact screen
Airtac pneumatic method and air supply treatment
Entirely automated feeding system (can be connected with creation line)
Hysteresis stress management device
HIWIN linear guide


Motorcycle Motor Armature Winding Machine Coil Winder