Jiangsu Supplier H Beam Flange Web Plate Automatic Assembly Welding Machine

Principal Attributes:
one, Tools structure sorts:CZPT stationary, workpiece automatic through
2, Relevant workpiece specifications:World wide web top:200-2000MM
Flange width:200-800MMLength:4000-15000MM
three, Clamping way:Internet and flange computerized clamping
4, CZPT method:With the pressure keep and time delay
five, Major drive manage:AC motor + cycloidal reducer
6, Undertake imported technological innovation of frequency converter to AC frequency convertor centralizes and locates the internet and flange, and understand computerized working
7, CO2 gasoline shield welding or guide welding is optional for consumer.

one, Assembling equipment:(Construction Theory)

(one)Host equipment:Such as Major generate roller bearing power elements, the door body unit, clamping device of internet, wing powder compact device, hydraulic alignment gadget, and so forth.

Main drive roller relocating roller components:The motor drives the cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and then through the sprocket, chain transmission, generate the principal generate roller rotation (hooked up drive roller two group), creating strolling hbeam.

Web clamping unit:Two groups of web plate fastening device for synchronous movement, by means of the coupling and the shaft relationship in between two groups.Whole electrical power of the motor push gear reducer, and then by means of a screw transmission so that the web clamp sliding seat with each other to wander in the center.Web clamping system of two aspect by clamping bolt tightening on the sliding seat right, through the shaft linkage with open up or shrink, to meet the needs of the internet the clamping, realized the equipment automatically.

Wing clamp gadget:Two sets of wings clamp lock mechanism for synchronous motion, by way of the coupling and the shaft relationship among two groups.Total power of the motor generate gear reducer, and then through a screw transmission so that the world wide web clamp sliding seat jointly to walk in the center.Wing clamp on two sides of the clamping seat right to tighten bolts on the sliding seat via the shaft linkage with open or shrink, to satisfy the demands of wing plate clamp, understood the machine automatically.

The door frame push device:Can elevate the major stress beam largely incorporate:Stress cylinder, elevate drag plate, eccentric adjustment wheel, pinch roller.CZPT alignment products,hbeam not place welding, flange and web will generate uneven phenomenon, then we can align the wing, to web hbeam gear areas, makes the plate close to the foundation plate, so that the transverse alignment.Alignment system can make mechanical flip up and down.

(two)the pull rodof the method:On the bar technique largely contains:Pull rod box, rod oil cylinder, pull rod.When not set of wing, world wide web transmission into the equipment, the wings, not in the necessary situation precision, world wide web and web need assistance at this time.Rod for the technique is in a position to wing, web preliminary positioning and its procedure are respectively, by the surface tension in the oil cylinder and the world wide web of the tensioning oil cylinder handle.Pull rod box by pull rod linked in between each and every other.

(three)Enter roller:Input of raceway is mostly with the input method of hbeam, it is made up of, passive and active raceway groove, the arrangement and the spacing amongst rolling suitcase.

(4)Output roller:Output of raceway is mostly with the output process of hbeam, it is made up of, passive and active raceway groove
(5)CZPT technique assembly:CZPT program largely consists of:CZPT pump station, the major strain cylinder, wing plate positioning cylinder, internet positioning cylinder, wing powder tight oil cylinder (3pcs), internet clamping cylinder (2pcs), rubber hose, oil pipe, seamless metal pipe.

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Model Z15 Z18 Z20
world wide web top mm 200-1500 200-1800 two hundred-2000
web thickness mm 6-32
net size mm 4000-15000
flange width mm 200-800
flange thickness mm six-forty
assembly pace mm/min five hundred-6000
feeding table roller mm 2600×2
output desk roller mm 2600×2
centralized way hydraulic hyperlink mechanism clamp, centralize and weld in the center automaticly
velocity manage imported AC frequency adjustor stepless modify
enter volumn 16KVA exclude wellding power
welding method two sets of CO2 defending welding machine


Jiangsu Supplier H Beam Flange Web Plate Automatic Assembly Welding Machine