Horizontal Small Automatic Servo Energy Saving Plastic PE PP PVC Fittings Injection Blow Moulding Molding Machine

FD30S double servo injection blow molding machine

»Main Attributes

1.The clamping framework adopts solitary-crossbeam,double pillars,which enlarges the area of placing mould,will be simpler to install mould.

2.Injection clamping adopts the construction of a few oil vats and modest offer-oil situation,that’s why the velocity of open up/clamping will be faster and the bearing strain of mould will be a lot more similarly.

three.employing tie-bar defense makes open up/clamping mould function whilst transfer desk rise/slide,so the production effectiveness enhance obviously,and shield core rods damages as soon as mildew has not at proper station.

4.double servo motor system manage for 30% intake saving (Optional).

5.Particular thickness operating platform with QT material assure equipment run stably,clamping effectively,anti-distortion.

»Operating Principle

Station A:Preform injection

The bottle neck will be molded precisely after injecting the material into the cavity,Soon after proper handle,the mold open up and mandrils to…alongside with the cavity.

Station B:Blow molding

Blowing action was carried out at this component,molding would be full following cooling.(bottle condition decides by the mildew cavity).The air came out from the mandrils huffs the cavity,make the cavity cling to the mold.Then mold open and the mandrils flip to…together with bottles.

Station C:Stripper

The bottle automatically will be ejected from the mandrils at this situation and then to be packed.The a few steps of injection/blowing/ejection doing work at the same time,which tends to make the equipment of high performance and minimal waste with bottles.

»Main CZPT Parameters

No. Item Device FD30 FD50 FD70
one Dia. of screw mm 40 forty five fifty
two Screw L/D ratio   22 22 22
3 Max. theoretical injection potential cm³ a hundred sixty five 254 324
4 clamping power of injection mould kn 300 450 600
5 clamping pressure of blowing mould kn fifty five 70 80
six strain of hydraulic technique Mpa 14 sixteen sixteen
seven Max. pressure of compressing air Mpa one 1 1
eight Wastage of cooling water m³/min ≥0.three ≥0.5 ≥0.8
9 Variety of formability item ml 1.5-2000 1.5-2000 1.5-2000
10 Top of formability solution mm ≤200 ≤200 ≤200
eleven Dia of formability solution mm ≤100 ≤100 ≤100
twelve Complete electrical power kw 24.seven 36 48
13 Overal dimensions(L×W×H) mm 3200×1150×2200 3750×1300×2300 4000×1450×2350
fourteen Equipment bodyweight ton 4 6 6



»Machine Major Parts Brand

Essential parts Manufacturer
Servo motor / VDP(Optional) Techmation/Yuken
CZPT motor Intermote
CZPT valve Yuken
Pneumatic valve Festo
CZPTal valve Schendier or Omron
Liner scale JEFFRAM
Controller Xihu (West Lake) Dis.a/Omron(optional)
Contactor Schendier
Seals DZ
Approach change Omron

»Packaging & Shipping and delivery


Horizontal Small Automatic Servo Energy Saving Plastic PE PP PVC Fittings Injection Blow Moulding Molding Machine